Decode self mysteries through esoteric studies

:What is truth

Truth is objective, that means is not based on our perceptions of any being , the truth isn’t subjective or based on perception of an individual, is simply what witch it is, what occurred in the past and what occurs in the present moment, have one singular way that things are actually are, this is forever will .remine the truth and always was and forever will be

:Perception is not our true reality

.Perception is a tool to bring our awareness enlightenment with objective true and natural law

:Perception from latin
Per- “trough”
And latin verb cipere- “take in”, to understand

:Truth is discoverable

The truth is discoverable only, and this contains the knowledge about the human consciousness, and how it works. And the knowledge of the laws of .nature, that it is the inherent spiritual principles that govern the consequences of human behavior

:What is natural law

It is Eternal and Universal laws that are Inherent in all creation of nature ,that is nothing to do with human perception or thoughts, this non-man made laws, they are eternal laws that cannot be changed and these are the conditions that govern the consequences of human behavior ,for beings ho have the capacity and ability to understand the difference between harmful behavior and harmless behavior.

Understanding the laws of nature is meant to bring our consciousness into harmony with Objective Morality. It explicitly states of what behavior causes .damage to another being or which behavior does not cause damage to another being

:natural law is also known as

The law of Cause and effect or the law of karma: to any effect is have his causality, for every action, exist the equal opposite reaction-

if one suffer everyone will suffer-

energy flows where your attention goes, as you think feel and act so shell you be, the real law of attraction-

:The Feather of ma’at

A female Goddess known as ma’at  in antient Egyptian culture who represented the truth, justice, balance, morality and natural law

If a person would successfully  reach the afterlife by weighing their soul (the heart) against her feather of truth. This is represent the state embodiment of .cosmic order and stability of the universe

This is distinctive feature of her head dress, less frequently images of her shown without a head, instead replaced by her feather, in other images the .feather alone conveyed her presence

The feather has come to symbolize her being, as well as the justice, order, balance and natural law of morality

:What is Immoral Behavior

:An action defined as Immoral Behavior that harms a person or any other living thing It will include at least one of the following things

• murder

• Rape





All of the things mentioned above contain in some way a theft, if someone does one of the things above he takes for the living being something that does not belong to him


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Written by stevenm88

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